While there are several different variations of terrines, the primary model, described here, is used heavily in RAM combat units throughout the Alliance. This model was designed specifically for use on Earth (which is how the name was derived) but can exist in any environment where a human can survive. Terrines are created to do one thing well – kill.

Terrines have a culture designed for them by their RAM overlords. It is a brutal, savage culture, based around individual combat units, in which only the strong survive. Although terrines are less intelligent on the whole than other races, all have a rough degree of vicious animal cunning. Anyone who underestimates even a “stupid” Terrine usually does not live long enough to regret it..

The Terrine way of life centers around power, pain, and punishment. They are indoctrinated to believe that RAM Martians are the highest form of life, terrines the second highest, and all other humans and gennies a distant third. During training, each new terrine must undergo pain and brutality until he is hardened to the toughness of steel. The first test of fitness for a novice Terrine is to plunge a knife into his own belly and survive the test. Almost all of them do.

Physically, Terrines have shark genes which provide a sandpaper like skin and hardened plates of cartilage over critical areas. The skull is bald and heavily armored with extra-thick cartilage, while brow ridges protect small black eyes. The entire skeleton is massively built. Hard spurs project from the heels and elbows, and the hands and feet are tipped with retractable talons. Muscles are long and ropy, with boosted reflexes. All terrines are double jointed.
Although Terrines are capable of breeding, they are not bred naturally. All Terrines are created in growth vats and are almost always all males.

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