Following the nuclear devastation of the Ten Years War, areas of high radiation and pollution have seen concentrations of uncontrolled chromosomal mutation among humans and animals alike. While generally contained to the areas worst hit, instances of mutants have steadily increased in other areas in the years following.

Chromosome alteration has a variety of effects on the wild life, human population, and the plant life in the affected areas. Fortunately, most mutation-ridden life forms die shortly after birth, or are still-born. Often, many severe mutations are not perpetuated because one or both parents are sterile due to chromosomal damage.

Contrary to current scientific understanding of what constitutes genetic mutation, reports of mutants exhibiting preternatural abilities and atypical physical attributes has risen. Since some mutants do not display outward signs of mutation, genetic screening is necessary in order to locate and treat the problem.

Corporations like Drakolysk and Han Chemical have made great strides in alleviating the problems that cause mutations in those blighted areas, but even with their considerable resources, it is a massive undertaking.

In recent years, the Solar Alliance has instituted a program to help educate communities in locating and identifying mutants in an effort to prevent panic among Earth’s population. Their information campaigns have been particularly successful in the arcology network.

An example of a Solar Alliance poster-


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