Inhabitants of Mars

Within the sphere of RAM’s influence, the population of Mars is comprised of three castes- executive (1% of the population,) management (15%) and worker (85%). The executive caste is, not surprisingly, made up entirely of humans, most of whom are members of the large Holzerhein and Valmar families. Management is likewise entirely human, but intermediary or representative positions are occasionally filled by Desert Runners, Tinkers or even the occasional Terrine, depending on the work involved.

The worker caste is comprised primarily of humans, making up nearly two-thirds of the caste. The rest are gennies created for particular jobs with Worker gennies handling most of the hard manual labor positions. Tinkers are present in tech manufacturing, while Terrines are almost exclusively found in security or conflict resolution jobs.

Not part of the caste system are slaves and convicts who can serve a variety of roles, often life threatening ones, such as mining. A lot of slaves come from Earth. A lot of convicts come from there too, but a lot are also Martian.

Then there are those who have carved out an entirely different existence than that provided by RAM. They live, for whatever reason, “off the grid” in the desert and other areas left alone by RAM. Primarily human and Desert Runner, their number also includes convicts and slaves who have escaped and anyone else trying to lay low.

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Inhabitants of Mars

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