Digital Personalities

Two types of digital personalities exist.

Constructs: The visual presentation and personality of a DP construct is generated by programmers. They can be based on someone real or randomly generated entirely within the computer lab. NEO scientist Doctor Huer is a Digital Personality Construct or .dpc. If one were to access Dr. Huer, he would appear as the file “huer.dpc”.

Translated Personalities: While alive, an individual’s brain engrams can be recorded as a self-contained program, encoded, then transferred into a computer. Simund Holzerhein is a Digital Personality Translation or .dpt. If it were possible to access Chairman Holzerhein, his might appear as “s_holzerhein.dpt”

DPs can transfer from one system to another via the Computer Network (aka Masterlink) that efficiently connects all the planets in the Solar System, some establishments in the Asteroid Belt and most of the orbital colonies and so-called “bottles”.

Digital Personalities

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